Rapid Product Development: NIT partners enable your company’s rapid path to validation and commercialization with rapid product development resources. 

Development Facilities: Beyond just office space, NIT and Partners offer access to bench and laboratory equipment, engineering labs, and broad range of facilities for technology development.  

Development Personnel: NIT boasts a wealth of partners and experts with the scientific, clinical, and engineering services your neurotechnology companies need, spanning clinical research, engineering, imaging, testing, computing, and product development.

Off-the-Shelf Technologies:  For many neurotechnology companies, NIT can provide directly-accessible, off-the-shelf technologies for rapid development and potentially accelerated regulatory pathways.     

Specialized Resources: Solving a “physics problem?” Or, pushing the boundaries of science? NIT Partners can help. With comprehensive supercomputing access, including ultra-high performance computing and mass storage, NIT’s ecosystem provides your one-stop solution for the modeling and simulation, data analytics, and data formulation tasks that are commonplace in neuroscience. Or, your company can tap the state-of-the-art on-site imaging capabilities that include functional MRI scanning, ultra–high field 7T MRI, and PET-CT, to facilitate nervous system signal detection, validate clinical targets, and aid in patient selection and monitoring.

Pre-Clinical Partnering: NIT offers a virtually unparalleled opportunity for co-located, on-site pre-clinical development, with a comprehensive array of small and large target pre-clinical capabilities. This co-located, on-site access, gives your company the unique opportunity to move swiftly through technology iterations between the bench and the pre-clinical settings, to rapidly and efficiently optimize design solutions for clinical study. Imagine designing your prototype, and walking across the street directly to pre-clinical trialing. This unique access facilitates rapid prototyping and development, and translation through pre-clinical testing and into pilot clinical studies—two of likely the greatest risk-reducing steps in your neurotechnology company's development. And, if additional study access is desired or other special capabilities are necessary, NIT also has Partner support for offsite studies within a short radius just outside Columbus, Ohio.

Clinical/Regulatory/Quality Expertise: To address one of the most critical elements of your company’s development, NIT Partners offer comprehensive pre-clinical, clinical, regulatory , quality, and compliance expertise, systems strategy and support,  to address each stage of product development and post-market commercial surveillance.

Global Clinical Trial Network: NIT brings a global clinical trialing network to your company, to catapult the clinical trial process, with a dedicated global network of clinicians across a range of disciplines. The NIT clinical trial network will enable efficient, direct access to scientific and clinical experts around the globe.

Investment Capital: When it is time for capital, NIT model “flexes its muscle” via its ready capital, and significant funding resources in its Partner ecosystem. But, not just to get your company started--to propel your company forward in each development and investment stage, likely ensuring an enduring source of capital, as well as minimizing fund-raising activities that can be challenging, distracting and time-consuming. Whether “seeding” your company, leading, or joining  an investment syndicate, NIT offers a dedicated Strategic Investment Fund, and available capital resources from a variety of Partners including Ohio Third Frontier and The Ohio State University, and a powerful group of Venture Capital Partners.

Ohio Resources: In addition to its committed and growing list of Partners, NIT is located in the center of Ohio, in a corridor that is already a rich and growing globally-attractive ecosystem for expertise, leadership, and development of neurotechnologies. As an NIT Company, your company will have the opportunity to augment NIT’s committed Partner network with the breadth of Ohio’s world class resources for research, science, rapid prototyping, product design, product development, preclinical and clinical research, marketing, and fully-integrated manufacturing sourcing and supply chain resources.