Your neurotech innovation, whether an idea on the back of a napkin, or a funded startup, needs a comprehensive development ecosystem that is as innovative as your company itself. A platform that offers everything your company might need--capital, expertise, and resources--to translate those innovations from concept to clinic, while at the same time, dramatically reducing execution risk and accelerating their path to the marketplace. 


What is NIT?

NIT started with a clean slate, the answer to a simple question: “How can neurotech companies pioneer these innovations in today’s medtech world?” The result?  Neurotech development, completely reimagined--a transformational solution for building and funding your early stage neurotechnology innovations, reimagining the neurotech development pathway to propel innovations forward.

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NIT, in collaboration with its Partners, boasts total capital and service commitments of over $160 million, bringing together the infrastructure, support and solutions that accelerate the development cycle, compressing time, risk,  and capital requirements.                                                     


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NIT's team of industry experts go beyond advice, taking an active role in driving your company forward. 




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