OSU Wexner Medical Center, and its associated facilities, forms one of the largest and most comprehensive academic health campuses in the U.S., and has been named among “America’s Best Hospitals” for 20 years in U.S. News & World Report. The Medical Center and associated facilities available to NIT include the OSU Comprehensive Neuroscience Program and the Center for Neuromodulation. NIT will have broad access to the Medical Center resources across all disciplines for NIT Companies' scientific and clinical development. 

The OSU Comprehensive Neuroscience Program and Center for Neuromodulation: The OSU Comprehensive Neuroscience Program is among the largest integrated neuroscience clinical, research, and educational facilities in the U.S--with the Center for Neuromodulation established in 2009 to create a globally leading, interdisciplinary clinical, research and innovation team. The neuromodulation team comprises over 40 specialists. Dr. Rezai and team members are international leaders at the forefront of scientific discoveries and innovations in neuromodulation, such as development of MRI-compatible neurostimulators, an MRI guided brain pacemaker implantation technique, closed loop sensing and monitoring, and an external handheld neuromodulation device to treat headaches. The team is among the first in the world with clinical trials for psychiatric disorders, traumatic brain injury, obesity, Alzheimer’s disease, addictions, autism, quadriplegia, chronic pain, back pain, headaches, heart failure, and other conditions. The team’s work is published extensively in scientific and clinical journals as well as peer presentations across the world. NIT, in partnership with OSU, works very closely with these departments to facilitate development and commercialization, including tapping expertise and clinical insights, furthering a research pipeline, and building on specific neurotechnology development projects already underway as potential NIT Companies within the Global pipeline of innovation which NIT will be evaluating.  

OSU College of Engineering is ranked first among Ohio universities and 17th nationally among public universities in the U.S. News & World Report 2014 listing. The College of Engineering will be readily available as a resource for NIT and its companies, both to tap innovations and to facilitate technology development and commercialization.

College of Veterinary Medicine / University Laboratory Animal Resources (ULAR) provide NIT’s companies on-site access to pre-clinical testing and validation, typically unavailable to private companies.

OSU Wright Center of Innovation in Biomedical Imaging (WCI), already working closely with the OSU Neuroscience Program in multiple areas of innovation, and delivers the rare capabilities of highly-sophisticated, state-of-the-art imaging using ultra-high field MRI and PET-CT. These advanced, on-site imaging capabilities provide NIT and its companies with critical data to facilitate patient selection, the identification of new surgical targets for neuromodulation, and treatment solutions such as biomarkers.

OARNet and the Ohio Supercomputer Center, located at OSU, will provide NIT with on-site computing and networking infrastructure and capabilities. NIT and its companies will have access to advanced high performance computing, data formulation, mass storage, and the imminent ultra-fast 100 Gbps broadband connectivity. OSC resources will additionally be used for modeling and simulation, data analytics, and other requirements for development and commercialization activities of NIT Companies.

OSU Fisher College of Business, rated among the top 25 business schools in the nation at both the undergraduate and the graduate level, provides NIT and its Companies with a resource to assist market research and analysis and business plan development.